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Wall Street firms and professional investors are spending billions to get their hands on lists like this one. Health clubs are dime a dozen and theres no sticky power. Here's a countdown of Buffett's three favorite stocks for 2021. I go to 24 hr Fitness 7 days a week. Im going to work on this too. The average revenue growth of 73% claim in the ad is odd, theyve never had annual growth at that pace but revenue has grown roughly that much over the past three years. And either way, the other clues suggest that this is his pick. This is the single worst market . Could you advise how that "four shares at a time" ties into your identification of the teased stock as being ZEPP? Please see our privacy policy, terms of use, and affiliate disclosure to learn more. Additionally, there are several trainer-led free-weight classes scheduled throughout each day thats included in the basic rate. The blog discusses various topics related to personal finance, such as investing, budgeting, and retirement planning. So, what is the exact market Green is targeting with this new investment opportunity? What do you think about foreign-based, but domestically listed companies? This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. This site and Stock Gumshoe publications and authors do not offer individual financial, investment, medical or other advice. We use cookies on this site to enhance your user experience. Butterfly Network is a Connecticut-based company that, according to its website, put ultrasound on a chip and created the worlds first handheld whole-body imager.. For my full writeup of Alex Greens pitch, see this article. However, the author states that the microcap listed on either the NYSE or NASDAQ. Not only does this company make the type of device Alex Green described in the presentation, but it matches the other clues he shared. That deal is expected to add $20 million in recurring annual revenue. Alex Green is hyping it in connection with his new service called the Oxford Microcap Trader, which he is supposedly limiting to 99 new subscribers. What $5 Apple Car Supplier Is Luke Lango Teasing? PLNT trades at 11X sales, and about 50X the 2019 estimates for earnings or if you want to go out a bit further, at a forward PE of 40 based on 2020 estimates. my wife is also a member on the same terms. I also enjoy hunting aspects of archery. And Ill strive to keep this post updated as I come across new Alex Green presentations. They were founded in New Hampshire just over 25 years ago, and didnt open their first franchise until 2003, so theyve grown very fast and do have their densest store base in the Northeastern US. 1 recommended stock picking service. 1 Signal" for Insider-Buying & His "90-Day Payday" Picks. b) A foldable treadmill that takes only five seconds to fold but includes custom JBL surround-sound speakers and heart rate monitoring devices I would shy away from investing in PF based upon my experience. Or you could join through one of the presentations Alex Green runs. What Green mentions from the beginning is that the company hes referring to is a microcap and he goes on to talk about a series of rules an investor should follow to find the best microcaps in each industry. This company has started beating quarterly earnings estimates. But still, there are a lot of towns of 50-100,000 people out there that can support a low-cost gym, and the marketing and brand building has been pretty strong. The staff seems polite and well trained. And based on how closely it matches Greens clues, it looks like a match overall. But Im not that naive. But the bottom line is that I believe Foxconn is Alex Greens pick. Based on those clues, Alex Greens 10G pick appears to be Liberty Global plc (LBTYA), a multinational telecommunications company headquartered in London. The InvestorPlace 10 Best Stocks for 2021 contest features 10 stock picks from a group of money managers, market experts and financial journalists competing against each . And its incredibly cheap, with a share price in the single digits. our up-and-coming Next American Mega-Brands revenue jumped 14.43% in 2016. Scum of the earth management! I've researched 100s of stock advisories since, and there's still only one service I recommend. I never pay any market multiple approaching PE 40Im more a PE 15 kind a guy and oh it better pay a dividend. Some of them are MOMO, PDYPY, CVS, Hon Hai, ZTO and many more. or reviewed by Stock Gumshoe, and any opinions expressed Theodor is an old school value guy, when he's not looking for great companies and great prices you can find him on the basketball court hooping. They are usually locally owned, so you might get more of a community vibe but I dont go to the gym to socialize. And announced to the world that this company is an unbelievably well-run business with a phenomenal brand. With inflation at a 40-year high, mortgage rates soaring higher, and stocks in a confirmed bear market. The information on is based on our own opinion and research, and could be different from what you find when visiting a third-party website. Keyera Corp. (. 12) Renaissance Technologies has bought $4.7 million worth of shares, Goldman Sachs bought $20 million, and Wells Fargo bought $57 million, according to Alex Green. In my area Ive also seen many come & go I wouldnt buy PLNT stock. Theres something almost magical about a company thats both expanding quickly and seeing rapid same-store-sales growth (in PLNTs case, they posted a huge 10% jump in same store sales in the first quarter, so its not just new locations that are fueling the top-line revenue growth). They will sell franchises and memberships until they saturate the market, and then the whole thing will come crashing down. As for the clues, Green said the company makes 5G microchips that are used in IoT and automotive technology products, routers, appliances, and numerous others. Be the first to know when we expose the latest "stock teaser" presentations. Are you a current member? Instead, theres a special way to purchase bundles of four shares at a time via your brokerage account.". I would look into Planet Fitness if I wasnt getting my 24 hr membership free through Medicare Advantage. Morning, afternoon and evening, there is always plenty of activity. So I recommend seeing that post if you want to know more. Data collecting is a big business for Wall Street, youll also see firms doing aerial surveys of the suburbs to count how many cars are at the shopping mall, or how full the lots are at the various auto dealerships, and try to turn that data (and particularly trends of changing data) into some actionable intelligence or an edge for big investors. Ten dollars per month is such a magic price point that many folks do not mind being charged even though they do not get there as often as they would like .. the mindset is I Plan and resolve to get there more often SOON. I should have put $3 instead! The name of his advisory service is VIP Extreme Disruption Trader. So what list is this Next American Mega-Brand at the top of? In fact theres a very big difference between 5G and 10G. For more information, read our disclaimer and privacy policy. At the time of this recording, its less than Sub-$10 a share!. I wanted to help others avoid the same pitfalls and find legitimate methods for earning money and growing wealth. Here are Alexs rules in all their glory: The first rule of determining whether a microcap is worth investing your money into is to take a look at the companys financials and verify if it has at least three consecutive quarters of revenue/sales growth. In this section, Ill give you an overview of Alex Greens latest 2022 stock teaser presentations and show you what companies I believe he is teasing in each. Each time a car was brought in and left for service they Simply turned on the Radio which showed the last station it was on getting a pretty accurate idea of the stations most listened to by their buying customers. So regardless of how good someones track record is, theres no guarantee youll make money following their recommendations, let alone get rich. 15) Digital Trends says If youre not familiar with [this company] you should be, and goes on to say its wearables are wildly popular on Amazon because of the wealth of fitness-tracking features, built-in GPS and marathon battery life. Novocure is an international oncology company that,according to its website, has discovered another way to treat cancer that involves Tumor Treating Fields (AKA TTFields), which it describes as electric fields that disrupt cancer cell division.. Alex Green's "Single-Stock Retirement Play" Pick Exposed By Tim McKinlay Last Updated: July 9, 2022 20 Comments Note: I first wrote about this presentation in 2021, when Alex Green was teasing a "$3 stock" with "29,187 patents." He shared some other clues, too, but those were the main ones. Would love your thoughts, please comment. And in the presentation, Alex Green said that he likes microcaps because they can produce fast growth for folks nearing retirement.. And Wall Street analysts are beginning to notice and ratchet their ratings up to a Buy for the stock, Which of course attracts more attention and begins to drive up the share price, This stock is beginning to lift off, my friends, Last month, a high-profile financial television pundit picked up the story. Its not dangerous, they can cover it pretty easily at this point and they have staggered terms for the debt and its not particularly expensive, but it does suck up some of the cash flow. He is also the author of four national bestsellers and counts a wide community of investment enthusiasts as loyal subscribers. Unfortunately, no. And perhaps most importantly, theyre cheap here in Western Massachusetts its $10/month for the basic (access to one club) and $22 for the black card (access to all clubs, other special stuff like hydromassage and tanning and free wifi), with no commitment and even that $22/mo is less than half of any gym I remember ever joining. They say it's "perhaps the most important linchpin to the entire 5G network.", Alexander Green's "Stock Caught Trading Under a Secret Name" -- updating our look at the "$3 stock" that he says "should be the cornerstone of your portfolio. She doesnt want to cancel. Disclaimer: Among the companies mentioned above I own shares of Facebook, Disney, Amazon, Apple, Google parent Alphabet, and Five Below. This is the first blog Ive ever written about anything, and I wanted to include all potentially helpful clues. It doesnt always work, for sure, and not every piece of data is important particularly if its available to everyone but the research business is big in investing. Introducing Alexander Green; Alex Green's Major Stock Predictions; Revealing the New Device [Pictured Here] . It's called "the #1 Microcap for 2021." Of course, you have to be one of the first 99 subscribers to his brand new research service called "Oxford Microcap Trader" in order to get the special report. So what is it? They did place pretty well in that February Were Here count from Facebook, as covered in this article that has numbers precisely matching the tease. Its a small company right now. 2) One of its products is athletic shoes that can tell how fast an athlete is running. Im not as confident about this guess as some of the others, but my research suggests that this could be Alex Greens pick based on the clues, and I explain why in more detail here. No complaints. What do you think about foreign-based, but domestically listed companies? Ive never been in a Planet Fitness sadly, its not because Im busy posting photos of my abs on Instragram but they seem to be cropping up everywhere lately. PLNT is doing ok but .. PLNT is also a Motley Fool recommendation. market capitalization of under $300 million, possibility of de-listings currently up in the air, brand of smartwatches, which closely rivals Apples popular Apple Watch and it also sells a popular line of wireless earbuds, again rivaling Apples AirPods. Seeking Alpha contains lists of stock picks grouped by themes and key fundamental data. The title of his delivery is Liquid Electricity Technology and The Must Own $3 Stock. The encouraging news there is that all four analysts . After developing his extensive knowledge and achieving financial independence, he retired at the age of 43. Answers below What's being pitched by Alexander Green and Bill O'Reilly as "Humanitys Next Gigantic Leap" in ads for, Checking out Alexander Green's tease for the best way to profit from "Putin's Screwup", What's Alexander Green and Bill O'Reilly's "New #1 Stock in America" teased by Oxford's "Great American Wealth Project" presentation? Because as well show you, its already started a run-up that could send shares up in value 6X 25X even 65X from here if it follows the same trajectory as recent brand breakout stories like Lululemon, Dominos Pizza and maybe even Whether theyre really great places or are just cheap and un-intimidating for new customers, I dont know. Dont know if it will continue working, particularly if competition at the low end heats up after PLNTs success in expanding so quickly, but businesses that have historically been lousy and competitive can sometimes still work out well if you can be the price leader or expand the target market in some meaningful way. Alexander Green's 5G Stock Pick - His "#1 Stock In America" March 19, 2021 by Theodor When it comes to one of the latest market trends, the 5G industry has captured the attention of investors and financial analysts alike, including Alexander Green. Apparently this Mega-Brand beat out 41 other companies (why 41? Just today INMD was stopped out and EVR was stopped out last Friday. 17 Top TSX Stock Picks for March 2021. And as with Alex Greens last pick, he details his recommendation in a report that comes as a bonus for joining The Oxford Communique through the presentation. This simply refers to an order amount that is less than the normal unit of trading for an asset, which is typically 100 shares for stocks. I think what Alex was referring to here was simply that you can purchase an odd lot of four shares. These fitness centers are nothing but mini Ponzi schemes. The essence of the newsletter remains the same, and little has changed for the revised 2021 pitch. Green is touting because it has never traded as low as $4 since its beginning, 2/5/18. The biggest risk I see, unless theres some franchisee revolt simmering that Im unaware of, is the high valuation and double leverage theyre levered themselves, and their franchisees are presumably also levered up to buy or build out their gyms and purchase equipment, so if the next crisis is a debt or real estate crisis then they could pretty quickly hit stormy sea that seems unlikely, since the world likes to throw different crises at us each time, but you never know. Capstone Green Energy is an investment that inherently carries a bit more risk. He goes ,on to strongly advise to buy this stock before August 26, 2021 because the company will reveal itself to the world revealing how it can combine water and electricity and store this energy indefinitely to be used at any time in the future when it's needed. (And he recommends a stock that gives the best of both worlds, value and growth.) I Do know from studying advertising gyms often sign up lots of new members in January when our New Years resolutions often involve loosing weight & getting into better shape. And he reveals it in a research report called "1,000% Profits With This Sub-$10 Microcap," which comes with a $1,975 subscription to Oxford Microcap Trader.

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