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Shade only; the foliage is unforgiving of direct sun, in evenly moist but draining soils. From Mayoidia Pass at 10,000' in the Mishmi Hills, lovely species with rounded 6-8 leaves centered in deep purple on which startling pink flowers emerge on 8 stems mid summer, rising just above the foliage. Am I excited? Undoubtedly one of the most handsome Hydrangeas I have encoutered, this in NE India in the Arunachal Pradesh, forming stately shrubs clad with red velvety foliage and large lacedaps of lavender/white in late summer and early autumn. Acceptable small Magnolia species, forms a wide spreading tree to less than 18' and a long progression of tight white cup-shaped flowers in spring and early summer. Full sun or light shade ok. Utterly fantastic. It is a lovely selection deserving of much greater use in PNW consorting with minions of spring woodland, in draining humus rich soils. Best in brighter conditions though blossoms dependably in light shade in our woodland garden. Seedlings from an original Far Reaches collection rising to 4', possessing glossy 'bamboo-like' foliage and capped by nodding black purple bells in May, followed by crops of glossy, black purple fruit. Begonia emeiensis DJHC 98479 (omeiana DJHC 580), A tough as nails species, surviving our most brutal winters, with large apple green leaves (forming a bulbil at the base of each) and pretty pink flowers in mid to late summer. Exceedingly hardy and handsome Begonia with deeply cleft foliage and white blushed flowers in summer; best in shade or part shade. A wild collection of this 'species', not yet fully determined, from the Arunachal Pradesh in 2016, forming lusting mounds of broad foliage on stems to 4', capped in late summer with narrow racemes of very fragrant light orange flowers. A tough, durable long lived perennial with finely dissected foliage and lacy umbels of pink in late spring through mid summer. A rarely seen Liriope, collected in Hubei Province, forming substantive colonies of broad, evergreen foliage to 2', with racemes of white flowers resulting in black blue fruit to nearly 3'. In spring, sprays of flag-like flowers with one expanded bract puts on a decidedly delicate show. Paeonia obovata var. This grew as an understory in old growth stands of Monkey Puzzles at relatively high elevation in the Lakes District. Full sun or light shade in evenly moist soils. The ever elegant, long lived and highly textural Pasque Flower of Europe, with low clumps of fretted foliage giving rise to somewhat nodding purplish red Clematis-like flowers on stems to 6. The flowers in spring, pink, are understated. Schizophragma integrifolium var. A fantastic, easy to blossom South African best employed in the PNW as a container plant or a very warm, well draining position, forming flat strappy foliage in early summer as a large rounded head of pink starry flowers emerge, held slightly above the leaves. We delight in this tall evergreen shrub from Tasmania that produces erect cone-like clusters of nectar rich yellow flowers throughout autumn and winter, adored by our hummingbirds. A survivor in the PNW, evergreen shrub to 6, continuous orange blossoms from November to April, hummingbird attracting. Light shade is best in any soil, From Hunan Province, perhaps one of the most appealing of this genus I have collected and grown, forming low dense mounds of finely fretted leaves from which arise very pretty white flowers in late spring, resulting in crops of surreal electric robin's egg blue fruit in autumn. A N. European species, best grown in full sun and draining soils yet with adequate summer moisture. Amazingly enough content in both shade OR sun; perhaps a bit more floriferous under brighter conditions. Seedling selection of R. palmatum 'Atrosanguineum' by Duane West decades ago while at Heronswood, this emerging with black bruised foliage taking on ruby red while the flowers of pink erupt on branched stems to 6'. Has taken 20F at Windcliff. Partial shade; will burn in full sun. Full sun draining soil. Vigorous mounds of bold, limey green foliage give rise to candelabras of yellow flowers on stems to 2' or more, indispensable in full sun, somewhat droughty sites though equally at home in more opulent soils. A speciall helpe to defend the heart from noysome vapours and from the infection of the Plague or Pestilence, and all other contagious diseases for which purpose it is of great effect. The endearing and beautiful 'aspera' from Japan, forming low mounds of felted foliage and lovely heads of lavender/white flowers opening from distinctive globular buds in mid to late summer. Too frequently plants under this name are R. x microglossum, a hybrid that infreqently fruits. Light shade seemingly best and draining soils. As it winds its way up trees and other flora in the Chilean rainforest, its leaves change to resemble those of the plants it uses for support or, sometimes . A beautiful and diminutive species of Paris collected in Sichuan Province in 1996, forming dense spreading colonies of glossy green four-leaved stems to 10 capped by charming 4-merous flowers in early to mid spring. Seldom seen species in cultivation, from Hubei and Hunan Provinces in the PRC, seed of wild collected provenance provided to us by the Changsha Botanical Garden in 2016. An excellent compact seed strain of this European species developed by Severin Schlyter, shared with us by friend John Massey, possessing intense blue flowers from March-May. Draining soils, like no one I know Hauntingly beautiful large heads of a silvery gray on stems to 2', quite unike any other Agapanthus I grow and I grow a lot of them, found at the National Apapanthus Collection years ago in Devon. Pittosporum tenuifolium Marjorie Channon. Maianthemum henryi DJHC 96321 yellow Flower. An undetermined, unblossomed species from the botanically opulent region of Y-Ty on the Chinese frontier in Vietnam in 2019. To the latter group, B. trifoliolata supports the idea that plants possess a form of vision and perhaps even a brain-like structure to process it. Rich soils in partial shade, a one-upmanship sort of plant that will not disappoint. Fully double flowers of medium blue producing an exceptionally long seaon of interest in tones of medium blule; a dependable and endearing selection. Undeservedly scarce in general cultivation, full sun or light shade best, in evenly moist soils. A natural occurring hybrid from the 'Haast' on the South Island of New Zealand, forming globe-shaped, compact evergreen shrubs to 4' x 4', smothered by clusters of small white 'daisies' in mid-summer. Often growing there as epiphytes on trees, this clumping erect foliaged species to 15 launches flowering stems slightly above carrying zingy zappy orange flowers. Being a 'daisy', the yellow flowers produced in panicles above when happy are best removed, unless you like that sort of thing. This is untested and thusly fits snugly into the latter. Partial shade. A Windcliff selection from our Agapanthus program, for its vigorous growth and sturdy stems to nearly 5 in mid-summer, capped by explosive heads of lovely light blue. From our first trek in remote NE Nepal along the Milke Danda, one of the most exceptional forms of this species I have grown, with tall and vigorous stems to 6' and very large drooping bells of deep marroon. Lovely autumn yellows in October as the fruit ripen. The variegated Gladwin Iris is undeniably a stalwart in PNW gardens, with broad evergreen, white-striped swords whose 'foetid' smell when crushed is often equated with roasting beef. flavida Snow White. Added lime helps. ABOVE: The Boquila trifoliolata leaf on the left is how the leaves appear when the vine grows alone; the leaf on the right is purportedly mimicking a plastic leaf. The Asian Felt Fern possesses 3-5 lobed leaves of velvety green on long stipes to 1' arising from a slow moving rhizome. Delicious autumn tints of rich amber in autumn. Arisaema speciosum var. Closely allied to Polygonatrum, Disporum and Streptopus, the Uvularias are native only to the eastern U.S. One of those rarieties of the honeysuckle family that disappears for the off season. If you don't read french, you do not deserve to grow this refined hybrid selection. Full sun and warm position in decent soils. Boquila in the Germplasm Resources Information Network (GRIN), U.S. Department of Agriculture Agricultural Research Service. Perofrms admirably 20 years later in polite large colonies to 5 across. Corymbs of white flowers surround white bracts; think white poinsettia Bold leaves, pyramidal growth makes it worth growing if it never flowered; a good thing, as it takes a long time to flower. One of our best Windcliff Hybrids with black plum ruffled foliage and purple flowering stems arising in late summer holding pineapples of rich pink. Leafy mounds of strappy glossy green leaves to 2.5' offer in mid to late summer a long display of striking pink 'lilies' atop sturdy stalks to 3'. Tolerant of shade, the luminescent green foliage almost appears to be yellow on purpose. As with all Anemone nemorosa cultivars, we find that the chromas are enhanced if grown in full sun is evenly moist soils. For full sun or light shade in draining soils, moderate moisture during the growing season. Large glabrous leaves, flowering heads to a full 15 across, makes for a staggering sight when in full blossom early summer. Zone 8 or above in a sheltered position. Our seedling selection of the Pineapple Lily with extremely dark foliage and heads of black/plum 'pineapples' atop equally dark stems to 2' or slightly less. Best in full sun and draining soils. Full sun, draining soils. Camellia pitardii var. Fully adaptable to more sharply draining soils, in full sun. Main menu. Best in full sun or brighest shade in draining, humus rich soils. It is a rare qualityknown as a mimetic polymorphismthat was previously observed only in butterflies, according to this study, published today in Current Biology. Full sun or best effect and some supplemental summer water. Full sun, all the time, just like Pam. In early summer, two-lipped, yellow flowers appear in axils on upright stems. A rare beauty in our landscapes. Like a finer textured Lindera obtusiloba, a distinguished small tree or large shrub seldom seen in cultivation. Silver gray mounds to 18 of narrow lavender-like foliage with pale yellow buttons held slightly above from late spring through summer. From S. Korea in 1993, seedlings of my original collection forming a rounded specimen to 8', putting on a show-stopping display of large pink fruit in autumn- opening to expose orange seed- just as the foliage is turning to lovely tints of yellow/orange/pink. Compact stature and and glowing rosy pink flowers in late summer and autumn, highly attractive to pollinating inects including butterflies. A superb container plant provided some shelter from direct sun and even moisture. A sport that occurred at Windcliff from Crocosmia Blaze with pure butter yelow flowers, forming vigorous clumping mounds of upright spears to 2 ft and sprays of darigold flowers to 3 ft, full sun and draining soils best. It forms substantial clumps of upright foliage to 3' while the near black/violet flowers appear on stems slightly above. Full sun, draining soil. The woody vine Boquila trifoliolata, Boquila for short, is a climbing plant, and has the abilities to mimic the leaves of its supporting trees, as detailed by Gianoli and his student Fernando . Chelsea 2014 Plant of the Year, this dense, dwarf selection has magnificently ornate and large flower heads of rich pink picoteed with darker tones, smothered in floral confection by mid-summer. Full sun! Map. Full sun and draining soils. The first of my COVID collections, one of the Pacific Coast species, collected by seed in the Redwood belt of N. California while exploring the Trinity Alps with Chandler, Foltz and Weisensee in 2020. Queen of the genus w/ shards of papery cinnamon bark glows when back lit, gray-backed foliage (griseum) that reveals majestic colors in spring, perfect size to fit all gardens (30' max). Very pretty white tinged green flowers in mid-winter from mounds of evergreen foliage that ALWAYS appear handsome, seemingly resistant to cold damage or botrytis. Must be protected from slugs. Widespread and variable this is a wee bit larger to 2 ft spreading to 4 ft. Full or part sun in more moist than average soils. Overwinter pots in cool and dry location. Unsexed seedlings of the real McCoy, collected with Leonard Foltz, Dancing Oaks, in Slovenia in the spring of 2017 where it formed handsome mounds of dark green phyllodes with large, bright red berries held atop on female plants. Extraordinarily rare species never before offered in cultivation with the largest of all flowers in the genus. My 2014 collections of this Camellia relative from N. Vietnam where it produces tight conical specimens to 15', clad with astoundingly large white flowers in autumn while new growth in spring is often deep burgundy. Full sun, hardy, durable, poor soils. Hardy, durable, vigorous with naked white flowers in autumn. As sublime as you might expect with a name as this, pure white and double florets comprise delicate heads atop a compact shrub to 3'. For deep regal purple tubular flowers emerging from black calyces atop sturdy 5' stems for a long period in mid summer onward, very few hardy Salvias surpass this superb selection. Mid to late season, large heads of sky-blue that take on an arresting shade of grape jelly as each flower fades, atop willowy stems to nearly 3', perfect for layering the garden with a shorter, later blossoming selection of the same genus. Large succulent foliage in direct proportion to the amount of water available to it. Unblossomed, we've been electrified by our collections of the Zingiberidaceae from this area of NE India thus far and do not expect this to be any different. A Top Ten. A sensational form of this species collected in Hunan in 2015, possessing a beguiling iridescent blue cast to the glossy green foliage, producing terminal panicles of rich blue flowers in late summer atop 3' stems, followed by brilliant blue berries. Sensational for lightly shaded evenly moist positions. Untested for hardiness in the PNW but, with high elevation Begonias as a whole, I am always pleasantly surprised. Description and images of Boquila trifoliolata (Voqui blanco , Pilpilvoqui), a native Chilean plant, provided by the supplier of native exotic Chilean seeds, Image of Boquila trifoliolata IX Region, Lago Caburga, Chile Altitude: 500 m. 03 18, 2007 Native Frequent Height: 6 m. Good ornamental value (A) Durable, shade and drought tolerant and a cladodaceous delight to be shared with children of all ages (the flowers of this species seem to appear on top of the leaf, which is so not correct. An Argentinian fern with etheral light blue foliage, lobed and erect to 15, slowly spreading by clasping golden haired rhizomes. Very light shade is best. Hardy as Kathy Bates. Darrell Probst selection when we traveled together in 1997. Decne., called pilpil, voqui, voquicillo, voquillo, and voqui blanco in Chile. Somewhat like D. lasiostylum but astoundingly tall (to10'+) stems of bambooesque evergreen foliage, present terminal clusters of yellow green bells in early summer. When the vine climbs onto a tree's branches, its versatile leaves (inset) can . Exceptional and distinctive species, light shade, evenly moist soils. Polygoantum odoratum that Tony Avent and I collected while together in South Korea in 1997, forming dense stems slightly spiraling and very leathery dark green leaves; axillary while flowers in spring as per the species. Begonia aff. DO NOT PROPAGATE - A sensational plant with fine and softly textured pinnate foliage on a framework to 4, with autumn flowers of yellow. A rare but surprisingly hardy evergreen Hamamelid from the Fan Xi Phan in northern Vietnam, producing stunning flowers of red in autumn amidst highly varnished green foliage along a framework less than 15'. This has thrived at Heronswood for three decades in full sun and well draining soil with regular summer water. One of our favorites, brought to us by our friend Duane West, with a nonstop flurry of charming, zippy flowers amongst a 2.5' framework throughout summer. The endearing Trillium relative from the Siskyous of S. Oregon, forming charming diminutive mounds of tri-leaved stems to 4 capped by nodding white to white blushed pink nodding flowers in March that exude pure charm. Vernacular names Funiu, Luoyang, Henan Province, China. Best prices and best deals for cars in Provence-Alpes-Cte d'Azur. Aristocrat amongst the striped bark species, with dark green unlobed foliage carried on a somewhat vase-shaped framework to 35' and stunningly brilliant bark comprised of fine, vertical white and green stripes. Precocious, it will blossom profusely from a young age. Full sun and draining soil. These are rare newly introduced wild collected seed by Donglin Zhang , Mt. Ashwood Fancy Leaf StrainMaestro John Massey's selections of some of the most splendid of hardy Cyclamen hederifoliums ever made available, with solid platinums and various etchings of silver following an autumnal flowering in pinks, roses and whites. (all about the foliage). An extremely large species with stems to 3' and stunning 'angel wing like' foliage with some mottling, collected on the remote Five Fingers range at 8300' in the autumn of 2013, while lost, in near complete darkness and in full exhaustion at the end of a death march. An ideal selection for a distinctive hedge or screen, for light shade or full sun. White 'daisies' in small clusters in summer. Full sun best, will tolerate light shade, any draining soil. Likely flowers too late in the PNW, Hedychiophiles will grow this as a distinctive container plant in a pan of water. One you plant for your children and you. Partial shade in evenly moist humus rich soils, A very distinctive species, somewhat diminutive to 18, with near orbiculate foliage and dainty drooping axillary bells of white in axillary pairs along very pretty purple stems in early summer, forming sizable but no annoying large colonies; fully deciduous, for light shade in evenly moist soils, though quite drought tolerant once established. dash for cash horse offspring,

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