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Down side is there's no speed signal if the motor isn't turning. These aren"t your run of the mill thin and cheap tires. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. They offer up to 60Nm and 500W of minimum power. If you are regularly riding very steep hills, I would stick with a mid-drive. Finally, You will need to check the kind of, Electric Fat Bike DIY Options For Conversion, Himiway New E-Bike Release: Pony Rambler Rhino. Because the wheel motor comes pre-built and ready to ride, the . If you want to order a battery , please choose motor with battery on [ size ]. These bikes can be great, Read More Electric Fat Bike DIY Options For ConversionContinue, Himiway has announced three interesting new e-bike models to add to their 2023 line-up: The Pony, Rambler and Rhino. It may not display this or other websites correctly. The hub is designed to fit a wide variety of wheel diameters and thus can have its cadence-based shifting points adjusted to meet changing wheel sizes and bike requirements. Bafang offers a torque-sensing option for OEM only, and unfortunately not in conversion kits. In addition, in the event of accidents, tuning measures can lead to a loss of insurance cover and benefits from accident victim assistance. The motor will not spin faster then it already does. With a power rating of 250W and a maximum torque of 80Nm provides welcome support for your ride. The Bafang rear hub motor is integrated into the automatic dual speed system. If something like a 15amp, then it won't pass enough current to go much faster. Chinese manufacturer Bafang is a titan of the electric bike motor industry, and thus news swirling around the company generally trends toward new motor announcements. Finally, You will need to check the kind of bottom bracket your bike has fitted. They are integrated into the hub of the rear wheel. You can always use the throttle in order to engage the motor if you want to take a break from pedaling! The original kit is speed control which in my opinion is inferior. This will give a peak power output (under load) of 540 watts. This motor is suitable for Roller brakes. . LCD or LED display for speed, battery range etc. The problem with modifying manufactured bikes like yours is that everything is nicely integrated, so when you try to modify them with 3rd party components you have to sacrifice all of the nice aesthetics when you start bolting on different batteries and controllers with their associated wiring. The Bafang hub motor is a high-performing and reliable electric bike hub motor. Im not totally sure but when re listening to a review of the juiced ripcurrent S on ebr I heard the reviewer (good job) tell me how the power comes on consistently for each assistance level at all speeds. The 250w Bafang hub motor is usually used in conjunction with a 36-volt 15-amp controller. They will not fit bikes with thru-axles. Press the space key then arrow keys to make a selection. However, with the included 18-amp controller paired with a 48V battery, it is capable of a maximum power of more than 864 watts. When installing an after market controller, the issue is matching up all the wiring on your existing bike to that of the controller. Bafang has Sales and Service Centers in the Netherlands, in the USA, in Germany, in France, in Italy and in Taiwan, China. All orders ship from California, USA with tracking, and signature confirmation. The rear hub motor automatically adjusts its gear ratio by sensing the speed of your running bike. We combine years of industry experience and advanced technology to develop a lightweight, durable, easy to charge and high-performance battery for your bike. 1- direct drive hub 36V, 500W (9C clone, I guess),KT controller, LCD3 screen 2-recently got a bafang 48V geared hub motor with DPC-18 screen for a full suspension mountain bike So, I'm used to the pas levels in the KT bike and the bafang PAS just seems lousy. Hello, i have a e-bike with a Bafang M400 G330.250 motor and a C15.uart display (Branded with logo Cortina). This series is ideal for riding in hilly terrain or for bikes designed to carry heavy loads (cargo bikes). Can you provide twist throttle vs thumb? These kits are a great way to give old, unloved bikes a new lease of life. Next, connect the motor wires to the battery. The Bafang 500W Front Hub Kit (FMG020) comes with all of the necessary parts to convert just about any bike (must have an Open-Slotted Front Fork) to transform your bike into a high-powered electric bike! If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a message in the comments section below I aim to answer all queries within 24hrs. The most important thing to consider when choosing a motor is the power output. Installation is simple and requires only a few basic tools. What's wrong with the Biktrix that you need to program it? Founded in 2003, Bafang has grown to become one of the largest suppliers of e-bike components in the world. The Bafang Front Hub Motor offers both throttle and pedal assist power. The cassette version will not take a road 11-speed (like Shimano 105), as spacing is different and requires a slightly wider freehub. I suggest you contact Luna, Bolton, or Electrobike World with a picture of your motor connector. The kit includes everything you need to get started, including a motor, battery, controller, throttle, and display. Covering all kinds of setup, Bafang is an ideal companion no matter your style, from eMTB to eCity, and with Bluetooth and USB connection options, you can sync up your devices for a seamless experience. Bafang products are of the highest quality and offer great flexibility. My wife's Volt Pulse 2015 - 2022 had a Spin Tech motor - AKA Bafang?? Have questions about the motor fitment and compatibility on your bike? What kind of display do you have? Yes. Your best bet is to buy both a controller and display that is programmable and of course it's the easiest when the connector to the motor matches the controller. This website uses Cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Please try again. The Bafang hub motor also comes in a front-wheel version. If there is any problem during installation, please feel free to contact us, PACKING LIST What will you receive in the box? All our e-bike kits come standard with replacement mechanical e-brake levers to replace your current mechanical levers. DE 26243129. I checked on Ali Express , these must be a default display,it looks like the ones I usually get with an EBike. Press the space key then arrow keys to make a selection. Here is a rundown of the most popular options to help you choose the best one for your needs : This powerful conversion kit has a 250W to 1000W motor that can take you up to 28mph on flat ground. Learn more about Bafang and Power your Life. Dealer. Bafang ebike conversion kit comes with everything you need to get started, including a motor, battery, controller, and display. Please inform yourself in advance about the regional legislation in the country you are in and always comply with the respective legal regulations. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Installing a Bafang ebike conversion kit is easy and can be done in just a few steps. I'll try the controller replacement and see what happens. In this article, were going to be looking at options to build a DIY electric fat bike conversion. Many Bafang motors and many others use a 9 pin male connector like this one.. Good advice and I'll give that a try! This front wheel e-bike kit comes with an ultra-high-performance, puncture-resistant 2.1" MAXXIS pace tire (MSRP $60) to provide peace of mind while you are out there riding! The company focuses on all global e-mobility trends of the future. Its easy to install, so you can be up and riding in no time. TORQUES TESTED MAX. These Front Hub Motors have a surprising amount of torque and are fast as they are designed to be able to go 20+ MPH! Plug everything in and away you go!if(typeof ez_ad_units != 'undefined'){ez_ad_units.push([[300,250],'ebikechoices_com-large-mobile-banner-1','ezslot_1',184,'0','0'])};__ez_fad_position('div-gpt-ad-ebikechoices_com-large-mobile-banner-1-0'); Overall, the Bafang hub motor is one of the best available. The Bafang motor automatically adjusts the gear ratio by detecting the speed of the bike during the ride. Our journey began at the Bafang factory in Suzhou, China. These Front Hub Motors have a suprising amount of torque and are fast as they are designed to be able to go 20+ MPH! This is the newest Bafang 500W Front Hub Motor with a "rated power" of 500 watts, however is capable of maximum power of more than 864 watts with the included 18amp Controller paired with a 48V battery. Error posting question. Since 2013 we offer the best support so that you can use the full power of your e-bike! I enjoyed the feeling of the motor responsiveness. When tuning your e-bike, please be sure to follow the current legal regulations that apply in your country. Bafang employs about 1000 staff worldwide in eight locations. In addition, the Bafang hub motor range includes 12 rear motors and 3 front hub motors covering multiple uses from electric cargo bikes, city bikes and fat tire e-bike applications. Bafang's products are known for their quality, reliability, and performance. We offer a variety of drive systems for different applications to provide the user with the best driving experience at all times. Thread starter Cupraatjesmaker; Start date Feb 20, 2019; C. Cupraatjesmaker 10 W . The Biktrix shuts off assistance at a limit for each assistance level. Hi. "Only" 57 lbs too. The gearing on the bike will also be a contributing factor when negotiating steep hills lower gearing = easier hill climbing. Just install the rear electric bike conversion kit on your fit bikes like snowbike , beach bike ,etc . Many (most?) The installation and operation of a tuning product is at the user's own risk. Do you have an ebike and need help troubleshooting? Please try again. Orders typically ship out in 1-3 business days (Monday-Friday) after being placed. Take our fitment quiz with guided videos and tools to determine the perfect motor for your bike! Bafang Battery Extension Cable. Fit a 52-volt battery with a 25-amp controller and you will have peak power approaching 1500 watts this is the maximum recommended output for this motor and you shouldnt go beyond that. Great cutomer service, Reviewed in the United States on September 28, 2022. Weve actually suspected for some time now that Bafang would get into the transmission game. How many amps is the controller rated at? I just bought a Voltbike Pulse, it has a Bafang hub motor RM G020.250.DC. Bafang is going to need to offer this option for DIY e-bike builders if they want to stay ahead of the game. Our front hub e-bike kit is a high-performing, lightweight, quiet, fast, hill-climbing, well-engineered electric bike kit. They are generally durable, and fairly weatherproof. Thank you for this! Motors are pretty standard with the same plug so the make doesnt really matter. Peak output will depend on other firmware settings specific to the controller used. Delivery times will vary based upon where you live. Nearly all cheaper bikes have standard quick-release dropouts. Plus, fewer internal parts to go wrong.if(typeof ez_ad_units != 'undefined'){ez_ad_units.push([[300,250],'ebikechoices_com-leader-4','ezslot_9',186,'0','0'])};__ez_fad_position('div-gpt-ad-ebikechoices_com-leader-4-0'); From the perspective of an e-bike buyer, thinking of purchasing a factory electric bike with a Bafang motor, I can highly recommend it. What's new. How Bafang's electric motors are made. So for the BBS01, BBS02 and BBSHD. Many of those are equipped with a speed sensor, the problem being the speed goes to -0- when coasting. The Bafang motor automatically adjusts the gear ratio by detecting the speed of the bike during the ride. Bafang has previously produced hub motors with built-in automatic two-speed gearboxes, and some of that development work likely helped lead the design of this new three-speed hub. I would not hesitate to buy another one. Thanks very much, HarryS. Direct drive hubs will not. There are three main types of mid-drive kits : BBS01, BBS02 and BBSHD. You must log in or register to reply here. Manufacturers and dealers accept no liability for damage associated with the use of tuning tools. The 1000W motor is perfect for high-power applications such as racing or mountain biking. LCD Display (C961 Display, 500c Display, or DPC-18 Full Color Display), Ebrake Handle Levers or Ebrake Sensors (connects to your existing brakes). The specs below cover the whole spectrum of Bafang hub motors ranging from their e-city range through to their e-cargo and e-MTB motors. The fat bike version of these kits will be compatible with the wider 175mm dropouts of those bikes. Bafang ebike conversion kit is a great way to convert your existing bicycle into an electric bike. In addition, if a 48-volt controller is used, then peak power will be substantially more. They are also much easier to pedal with the power switched off, making them much more suitable for someone who only needs the assist on hills. I wouldnt consider doing this until the warranty was up as you would no doubt invalidate this if you cut any wires. The rear hub motor kits are very cost effective in terms of battery consumption and offer a long range. So, the KT controllers will work with the LCD3 all the time?.Cool. Find out which Bafang motor will fit your bike! Sorry about the relative ignorance here. Electric bikes dont emit harmful fumes like cars do, so riding one is a great way to reduce your environmental impact. What I do know is that even if a display will plug in and light up when turned on, the communications between the controller and display may not work due to different protocols/languages used by each. The Chinese company Bafang is an internationally active, successful manufacturer of complete systems and system components for e-bikes and e-scooters. As said before, the 750-watt version is always spoked in a wide rim for fat bikes. This is not "Ford Ord" asking-its "Plain Kevin McCune". I used your kit to convert my HEY BIKE RANGER for more power ,and it worked great, the kit is awesome and it made my HEY BIKE RANGER a pleasure to ride. Hi, Rich C., thank you VERY much for your rational response. Your question might be answered by sellers, manufacturers, or customers who bought this product. Out of all the e-bikes Ive tested over the last few years. The only soldering I had to do was the controller to battery base. These high-powered bicycles are legally assimilated to mopeds and can circulate on public roads. If you're looking for an e-bike that features quality components from a reputable manufacturer, then a Bafang-powered bike is definitely worth considering. Bafang's OEM Area lists all of their motors and all of their drive systems. Not all projects are going to need a speed sensor. Meet Tony, a passionate e-bike advocate and enthusiast who discovered the life-changing benefits of electric bikes back in 2016. New posts. The torque sensor measures pedalling force and adjusts the motor output accordingly. There was a problem completing your request. Yes, without a doubt. One of the big benefits of fitting a Bafang hub motor over a mid-drive is theres hardly any pedalling resistance. Bafang BBS02/BBSHD Mid-Drive motor kit Installation, Bafang Front Hub Motor Kit Installation Video. It's strictly a feature of the mid-drives. These Bafang motors are characterised by their power and quiet operation. This Bafang motor kit offers the best possible efficiency. I used your kit to convert my HEY BIKE RANGER for more power ,and it worked great, the kit is awesome and it made my HEY BIKE RANGER a pleasure to ride. I had a "Maxfoot" cruiser with the 750 watt Bafang, it had the Fatires and weighed 82# with a 26 amp controller it would do 28 mph easily and it pulled good on the Hills, this motor would "max" out at 1050 watts and of course one of the first things I did was derestrict if I remember correctly, did have to replace the controller, the first one only worked for speedo reading.6 of a mile, the . The power builds rapidly and pulls strongly up to 28 mph. Sine wave are generally silent. But the latest headline-grabbing product unveiling from Bafang isnt a motor at all, but rather an internally geared hub designed to provide automatic shifting on both electric and non-electric bikes. Bafang offers motors with 250W, 500W, and 1000W of power output. The 80Nm of torque team with the 20"x4.0" tires and twist throttle to give you an insanely fun ride in any urban, hard-pack or gravel environment. This complete front wheel electric bike kit includes 2 types of Pedal Assist Sensor (PAS) options for your installation convenience. Bafang offers several different battery options, each with its own advantages. Sep 4, 2018 6 1 35. This is a hardware limitation, not a software setting. T06S 24V/36V250W 15A KT Sine Wave Controller with Julet Waterproof Connector [T06S controller Waterproof Plug] - $26.60 : Zen Cart!, The Art of E-commerce, Amazon launch their first UK e-cargo micromobility hub, The Electric Cranks: e-bikes & heart pumps aid recovery of cycling group raising funds & awareness, Survey aims for greater diversity & inclusion at cycling events, Car frame around bike highlights road hogging. How do you tell if a display works with your controller? I did make one mod, changing the chain ring from 44 to 34 tooth, and the climbing performance improved greatly. You have to use the tuning products from our shop at your own risk. Front wheel and rear wheel hub motor with rim but no tire , a controller and its outer box, a display (optional), a battery and charger (if you order the battery together), brake levers, 1T4 cable , thumb throttle , left PAS , headlight , some extension cables , stickers and manual. The Bosch CX motor produces a peak power of around 600 watts. Gear Hub Batteries HMI; Applications; eMTB; eROAD; eTOUR; eCITY; eCARGO; eFAT; Service; FAQ; eBike Brands; Downloads; Conformity; Contact us; About Bafang; . Orders typically ship out in 1-3 business days (Monday-Friday) after being placed. You are using an out of date browser. Since this article was originally posted 4 years ago, Bafang has been very busy indeed! Our e-bike front hub conversion kit includes all of the the necessary hardware and equipment to install our Front Hub Motor on your bike. For a 250-watt hub motor, the Bafang performs very well and will provide enough pedal assistance for most riders. Here are some reasons why you should consider an electric bike : There are a few different types of Bafang ebike conversion kits available, each with their own set of features and benefits. $10.00. They are also very easy to install, making them ideal for those who want to upgrade their existing bicycle. If I ever do any future builds, I would use KT controllers. If you use your e-bike for commuting, you can save money on gas and parking fees by leaving your car at home. This makes it a popular choice among DIY e-bike builders and manufacturers. In addition, we have developed our own tools. POWER TESTED TOP SPEED 202 478 WATT 33 NM 586 WATT 15.6 MPH OUR . This one? It includes all the necessary parts and components, such as the lightweight and quiet 500W high performance motor with 60Nm of torque. Total absolute crap. The other option is a cadence sensor this is found on budget factory electric bikes like the Eskute Voyager, and Bafang e-bike conversion kits. I cant think of a single time, a Bafang has given me cause for concern. The automatic shifting nature of the hub removes the need for a shifter cable or handlebar controls, simplifying the user interface and reducing cable clutter on a bike and its bars. With some tuning solutions, the electric bike can even be quickly converted back into compliance with road traffic regulations in just a few steps! This motor is used in conjunction with a 48-volt 25-amp controller, giving a peak power of 1200 watts. You can send Micah tips at [emailprotected], or find him on Twitter, Instagram, or TikTok. 1,226 were here. This kit is perfect for those who want to add an electric assist to their front wheel. You install the motorised wheel and fit the other ancillary components like the pedal sensor, display and battery. Bafang also offers front and rear hub motors to power your electric bicycle. Tuning measures on e-bikes can lead to a loss of warranty rights and manufacturer's guarantees. Which option is most suited for you depends on your preference. This complete hub motor kit includes 2 types of Pedal Assist Sensor (PAS) options for your installation convenience. All of our e-bike front wheel conversion kits come standard with replacement Mechanical Ebrake Levers to replace your current mechanical levers. Issues that I have personally experienced include hall sensor failure, and premature wear of the nylon planetary gear. Answers to all of your Ebike related questions! Only ride your tuned e-bike where it is really allowed. The newer cadence sensor is an enclosed unit that slots into the splines on the bottom bracket. 2 You are now leaving the BAFANG Consumer Page and are automatically forwarded to the BAFANG OEM AREA. Please kindly note that the OLD of your bike should be 175-180mm (rear) and 135-142mm (front). Would love your thoughts, please comment. Depending on the hub motor, square wave controllers often make their presence known by noisy acceleration, especially from a stop. Subscribe to Electrek on YouTube for exclusive videos and subscribe to the podcast. Installation is quick and easy, making it a great option for those who are new to ebikes. This is the newest Bafang 500W Front Hub Motor with a "rated power" of 500 watts. "Max") - 350W mid motor We also offer optional Ebrake Sensors if you prefer to keep your existing brake levers or have hydraulic brakes. In this article, were going to be taking a first look at each e-bike to see what they offer the consumer, Read More Himiway New E-Bike Release: Pony Rambler RhinoContinue, Its time for a battle of the two best-selling mid-drive e-bike conversion kits from Bafang. JavaScript is disabled. Industry Leading MAXXIS Pace Tire with puncture protection! With an increasing amount of new mountain bikes using thru-axles and boost rear hub spacing. Main Wiring Harness (wiring that connects all the kit components). What do I need to know about using a Bafang drive system? The rim is made with 12-gauge black spokes and is ready for wear and tear. They're smart, ergonomic, and sophisticated with cutting-edge technology that is intuitive and easy-to-use. Reliability is generally good, but as with all electric motors, there can be problems from time to time. All orders ship from California, USA with tracking, and signature confirmation. You can choose a motor with or without battery. Micah Toll is a personal electric vehicle enthusiast, battery nerd, and author of the Amazon #1 bestselling books DIY Lithium Batteries, DIY Solar Power,The Ultimate DIY Ebike Guideand The Electric Bike Manifesto. Established in 1998. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Ive two of them (a 6-year-old pulse and a 3-year-old metro) which originally had two different versions of display and neither could be made any faster with the OEM setup. The motor kits usually come with all of the necessary hardware and instructions, making it a straightforward process even for those without a lot of mechanical experience. Unless: You have integrated gear shifters and brake levers, you have hydraulic brakes, or you have drop handlebar (STi) shifters. There are two options for gearing one will take the old-style screw-on freewheel (usually 6 or 7-speed), and the other will take a mountain bike cassette of 8 to 11-speed. With this ebike conversion kit, you will enjoy increased speed and power, making your ride more enjoyable than ever. I am glad you asked to check it, because the Bafang programming cable will not work with your hub motor. The installation process is quick and easy, so you'll be riding in no time. This geared front hub motor kit is quiet, fast, lightweight, high-performing, hill-climbing, and well-engineered. BRING YOUR BIKING EXPERIENCE TO THE NEXT LEVEL, FIND YOUR PERFECT BAFANG MID DRIVE EBIKE KIT, REAR HUB MOTOR 36V 250W (FREEWHEEL OR CASSETTE), REAR HUB MOTOR 48V 500W (FREEWHEEL OR CASSETTE), FIND YOUR PERFECT BAFANG FRONT HUB MOTOR KIT, How to choose the best Bafang e-bike conversion kit, features of the bafang electric bike conversion kits, The different types of Bafang conversion kits, Every thing is in china so forget uk sellers unless you like paying double or triple the price of the same item. Are the PAS levels too strong for low speed riding? The 500-watt version is spoked in a normal width rim so that it can fit most bike tires. Interestingly, the company is also positioning the hub for use in non-electric bikes as well, which would put it in competition with other major bicycle component manufacturers such as Shimano. Q: One with a sinewave controller and P850C display or one with a blockwave controller and a KT-display. Bafang M400 G330.250 Configuration. I suppose they change suppliers as they see fit. Is this display able to switch the number of PAS levels? Best Electric Conversion Kits for Recumbent Trikes or Bikes. Always been the case for Bafang designs, Whoever did their BBS02/BBSHD mid drives at least left it possible for users to mess with the settings.

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